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Vector One Rear Axle Adjuster – Black. Fits Touring 2009up.

Vector One Rear Axle Adjuster – Black. Fits Touring 2009up.

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Features & Benefits:-Keep your belt or chain tensioned and your wheel aligned with our Vector One Billet Bagger Axle Adjuster. The functional problem with the Stock Bagger Swingarm is the axle adjusters and axle. The stock setup is engineered for motors with limited torque. The stock axle adjusters have a tendency to slip under load; when you give it the pepper your stock axle can slip resulting in a loose belt and a misaligned rear wheel. Wheel alignment is a major geometry concern, we h ave seen just a small amount of wheel misalignment create speed wobbles and ill-handling effects. The Kraus Vector One Adjuster uses a threaded locking mechanism that is easy to adjust and secures perfect wheel alignment no matter how much torque you throw at it.* High grade nickel plated 1144 Stress proof alloy steel axle is nearly 2 times stronger than a stainless axle* Adjuster housings and slides are billet aluminum* Axle nuts are Stainless and are secured by a c-clip* Using clocking tick marks and a locking screw mechanism makes it easy and secureTech Tips:-* This product may require custom modification to some exhausts* The Vector One Axle Adjuster may come into contact with some full-length exhaust systems* We recommend having a minimum of 1.5in. of clearance outwards of your swingarm at the axle position to your exhaust pipe.* If using stock shocks, it may be necessary to remove upper shock spacers and check clearance between inside of bags and upper shocksProudly made in the USA by Kraus Motor Co.!


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