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Stator adapter for Jims Milwaukee-Eight Main Bearing Tool

Stator adapter for Jims Milwaukee-Eight Main Bearing Tool

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This adapter is a simple time and money saver when installing the main bearing on a Milwaukee Eight left side crankcase. Simply position this adapter on top of the bearing support on the press table. When this adapter is used in conjunction with the JIMS # JM-5813 main bearing tool, or OE tool, the stator can remain attached to the left side case during bearing installation. The technician will save the time of removing and installing the stator. The adapter has been designed with added clearanc e for the stator screws, which are one time use only screws. It will also guarantee that the case plug seal of the stator is not compromised resulting in a leak. Saves time, saves screws, saves seal and will avoid a costly stator replacement. This adapter is manufactured from quality 1144 steel, plated in black oxide for corrosion resistance and guaranteed for life.
MFR PART No: 5813-5


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