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Speedometer & Instrument Extension Harness. Fits Sportster 2014-2021

Speedometer & Instrument Extension Harness. Fits Sportster 2014-2021

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Allows for easy relocation of speedometer and indicator lights when installing taller risers and using the stock speedo/indicator lamp bracketTech Tips:-These kits have OEM color wires, crimped with the OEM terminals and installed in the OEM connector. The other end of the harness already has the mating terminal crimped on for an easy installation. Simply disconnect the factory harness from the speedometer and de-pin the female terminals in the connector. Once removed, match the bikes wiring harness to ours and slide the male and female terminals together and cover with supplied 1/8in. diameter heat shrink for a solid connection. Now you can slide the larger harness shrink over the terminal splices for a complete installation.


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