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Kraus Moto

M8 Low Rider Gauge Bucket – Black. Fits Low Rider 2018-2021.

M8 Low Rider Gauge Bucket – Black. Fits Low Rider 2018-2021.

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Features & Benefits:-The LR/S Twin Gauge Bucket is a must-have accessory for motorcycle enthusiasts. This innovative product allows twin gauges to be relocated onto the handlebars, providing more adjustability and better visibility while riding. No more straining your neck or taking your eyes off the road to check your gauges. With the LR/S Twin Gauge Bucket, you can easily monitor your speed, RPM, fuel level, and other important information right at your fingertips. Machined from 6061 Bi llet Aluminum, this bucket is built to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting performance. Upgrade your ride and enhance your safety with the LR/S Twin Gauge Bucket.Works well with:-* Isolated Riser Kits # KRA-UN-ISO-**-A* Plus a Universal T-Bar Clamp # KRA-UN-IN-12-A or Isolated Riser Top Gauge Mount # KRA-UN-ISO-9010* Add a 3in. extension for maximum adjustability # KRA-UN-IN-031-AProudly made in the USA by Kraus Motor Co.!


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