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Kraus Moto

8in. Kickback x 1in. Clamp Isolated Riser Kit – Black.

8in. Kickback x 1in. Clamp Isolated Riser Kit – Black.

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Features & Benefits:-* Hard-mounted riser leg and relocated rubber isolator* Far less vibration and a much better bar feel* Available in either 1-1/8in. for moto style bars or 1in. for most standard Harley style bars* Bottom clamp has an opening to accommodate hidden wiring* 3.5in. on center for standard OEM style Harley fitment* Bushing life is increased and maintenance needs are lowered* Wiring slot in the center of the riser body allows for eas y installation and clean wiringWorks well with:-* Moto Handlebars # ODI-H791MXB* Road Glide Gauge Bezel # KRA-ST-IN-03-A* Lowrider S Gauge Bucket # KRA-SF-IN-14-A* M8 Softail Digital Gauge Mount # KRA-SF-IN-03-A* Plus a T-Bar Clamp # KRA-UN-IN-12-A or Isolated Riser Top Gauge Mount # KRA-UN-ISO-9010* Add a 3in. extension for maximum adjustability # KRA-UN-IN-031-AProudly made in the USA by Kraus Motor Co.!


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